Law Is Intuitive and Grace Is Shocking

Law Is Intuitive and Grace Is Shocking

Paul continues to defend the Gospel message he has been given from Jesus. Paul corrects and confronts Peter about adding works to the finished work of God. Fear of others must not cause us to distort the message of the Gospel.

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Freedom from Slavery

Paul tells how the message that He received from Jesus is in agreement with the other apostles. He warns the churches of Galatia to be watchful of false believers who are trying to take away their freedom. Just as those believers needed to guard against others adding to the Gospel, we need to do the same.
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Grace Is Found in Jesus

Galatians 2:15-21 It is only by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that anyone can be justified. The Old Testament has shown that God has provided atonement through a blood sacrifice, but the Law was never intended to declare anyone right before God. Everything points to Jesus and His work on the cross that allows a person to be declared righteous with Jesus’ righteousness.